This poem was written by Holly Mann after the Haiti earthquake.

Pillars of hope,
standing strong.

Through tragedy,
a new song.
New melody,
to set free.

The earth may shake,
break and fall.
But standing strong,
through it all…
Pillars of hope.

Tragically lost.
Victims they need,
people who care.
Not driven by greed.

People may leave,
for fear of it all.
From the tragic day,
no longer to stay.

Though all is lost,
and pain so raw,
don’t blind your eyes
to all you saw.

Brevity of life,
teaches us how,
to love through the loss,
to live here and now.

If your heart is speaking,
let your ears fully hear.
Keep both eyes open,
and let your heart guide and steer.

Help someone – a brother, a mother,
learn of hope,
in love discover.

Although just one,
you can heal a child’s heart.
Share of love, provide a new start.

Be that one.
Be one to live – and one to give.
Be a pillar of hope.

Written by Holly Mann, January 18, 2010 – Haiti Earthquake