Christchurch Baking Army

The Christchurch Baking Army (CBA) started from a simple dilemma faced by 21 year old, University of Canterbury Law and Media and Communications student, Chrislynn Soong after the 22/02/2011 Christchurch earthquake.

“What can I do for Christchurch?”

That was the same question faced by other Christchurch dwellers – the lucky ones who had power and water in their homes. They all saw the massive devastation in the City on their TV screens and felt helpless.

Chrislynn knew that physical labour wasn’t suited for her but baking was her forte. Her plan was simple, why not invite some of her friends over and start baking for the Welfare Centers and Volunteers all over Christchurch? Gather whatever that is left in their pantries and bake something simple yet nourishing for the Volunteers and people that were displaced. Surely that little piece of slice or muffin would put a smile on their faces.